What you need for an eCommerce Website

What you need for an eCommerce Website

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An eCommerce store is the same as a physical store but online! So you will need the same system to work. In addition, you need to think about your customers. What would make them shop in your store?

Your shop or eCommerce Store therefore must have a good logo to start and branding, you must have store front (that is set up to sell), isles with your different products and placed categorially), each product must placed on the shelf for the customer to buy, there must be a payment system in place, to allow the customers to purchase the products (cash, credit card or debit card) and there must be a delivery system.

I have set out below the main features of what is required and how we set up your online eCommerce Website Store.

Our Prices start at R5500 for an Ecommerce Website which includes the initial set up on 20 products. Thereafter we charge R85 per product.

Perfume Branding Design

Logo and Product Branding


As with any business, you need to have good branding before you start selling anything! This includes a well designed logo, consideration of product branding and the resultant branding on your website. In addition, all your branding must be the same, including on email signatures, letterheads, brochures and invoices.

Price: Logo and product branding from R1050.

Your domain name and Web Hosting

domain & web hosting

(1) Before we can do any website or ecommerce store, you need a domain name, which is your own personal website address and email address, eg yourbusinessname.co.za or your businessname.com.

Price:  Domain name registrations are from R102 per year (co.za). We sell all popular domain names and are available on request.

(2) We sign you up for your website hosting. This is how your website is managed and your data is stored (this is where all your files sit) and is how you get on the internet. We also offer free email accounts with our website hosting. 

Web hosting for an ecommerce website is from R175 p/m (includes 5 Gig data storage space and 7 email accounts)

Online Store Website Demo

Your website design

website design

The next step is to design and develop your website store. We use WordPress as our platform to design your website. Here we will design your store front, show casing your products, sales offers and product categories. We also set up your “isles” or “categories”, your “shelves: and contact page. Each website page will therefore have the same theme carried through. 

Our websites are search engine optimized and mobile responsive.

Your ecommerce website store


As commented above, the same with a physical shop, you need to have your isles and products set up and displayed for the customer to buy, as well as a payment platform and delivery set up. Using Woo-commerce and a payment platform, such as payfast, we will set up your shop.

We set up each category of products for you, eg shoes, bags, phone etc. Then under each category, we set up each individual product, ready for the customer to buy. This includes an image, price and description, with the ability of clicking on the product, viewing the product and adding it to a cart.

The next step is to set up your payment system so that customers can pay by cash, credit card and debit card. The customer can then head over to checkout with their shopping cart, checkout and pay. The only thing you need to do is deliver the product!

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