ecommerce Site - Tips on how to set up your ecommerce website

Beginners guide on setting up an E-commerce Store

Setting up an Ecommerce site can be a daunting task. But with the right tools, it can be done quickly and easily.

Here are some of our tips to help get you started

Online Store Website Themes

Choose your theme and shopping platform

Before you get started, you need to consider:

  1. What Theme you wish to use – If you are going to use wocoomerce, make sure your theme supports woocommerce
  2. What platform are you going to use? WordPress or Wix?
  3. What shopping platform are you going to use? Woocomeerce, Wix or shopify?
  4. What payment methods are you going to accept? Paypal, credit cards, payfast etc
  5. When choosing a theme, make sure it has clean coding and is mobile responsive

Set up your Categories

Before you start your shop page;

  1. Decide what categories of products you are going to have and set up each category. Your categories will appear on your front page and will also help customers find your products
  2. Once you have categories, set up each product which can be purchased
  3. Each product needs to be set up individally, with a description and price
  4. For search engine optimisation, add a featured image and ensure your images have alt text attributes
Ecommerce Site
ecommerce website theme

Set up your products

Set up your shop page:

  1. If you have added your categories, your categories will appear on your shop page automatically after you have linked your shop page to your shopping platform eg woocommerce
  2. In the settings of woocommerce – set your shop page to the page you have created as your landing page
  3. Now you can design your shop page – add a header image, add your specials and discounts and contact forms
  4. If you only have products, your products will appear on your shop page
  5. if you have already set up up products, your products will automatically have a cart button
  6. If you are using woocommerce, woocommerce has a checkout page set up for you
  7. You can then also create additional pages, such as product list page or featured product page


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