How to Start a Website

How to Start a

Beginners Guide on How to start a Website

How to Start a Website -
This is a beginners guide on the steps that you need in order to have a well designed and responsive website

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WordPress in our view is the best software for the development and design of websites. This is where we build your website.

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Ecommerce Store

We use Woo-commerce as the platform for you to sell your products online.

  • Sell your products 24/7
  • Receive payments online
  • Link to Facebook
  • Get on google
Domain name registrations

Domain Name

Before you can start your website, you will need a domain name. This is your website and email address. You can buy your domain name with us from R82 per year. Domain name choices include, .com, .org, .net and .info

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Web & Email Hosting

After you have registered a domain name, you will require website hosting. This is how your website files and data are managed, as well as your email accounts. We have 4 plans for you to choose from. The plan you choose will depend on the size of your website and email accounts required.

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Google & Search Engine Optimisation

Imagine that Google is the largest search engine in the world. Bear in mind that google is a business. Accordingly, google has made it clear that websites will only show on google if they are Search Engine Optimised. This means that:

  • The Website is properly designed
  • Adds relevant content and the site is reputable
  • Images must be of top quality
  • Key words must be added to each image used as well as to the content of the website
  • Google requires a sitemap (an index) to be submitted
  • Your site must be secure¬†

We charge from R350.00 p/m

Top Website Design Company

Digital Marketing

Now that you have a site, do not just expect that people will now automatically go on and buy your products. Imagine you are the customer. Why would you go onto  the website? Why would you buy the products?

Here you can use facebook and google ads marketing.

We do image and video ads based on your target market and their needs. We want people to see the ads all the time and to get to know your product.

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