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Why BeeFit

BeeFit is all about getting fit…fit in the sense of being able to always do things you love to do. Doing life with ease. Simple things that we do in life gets harder when our bodies aren’t active.

BeeFit is all about exercising so life becomes fun and easy to do. Beefit is about not feeling tired all the time or getting sick easily. We activated all the muscles so your bones get to rest and restore and strengthen. And as we age our bones generally get weaker but not if you have activated muscles. Muscles do the work. 

BeeFit is everything you need to become the person you want to be….. Give it a try…… 😁

What we Offer

With 24 hour access to our Online Gym get Fit Today!

Top Features

Top Features of our Virtual Gym

1:1 Training

We offer one on one personal training sessions via Zoom! Have a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home. Book a session for R250.00

24 Hour Gym

Monthly or Annual Membership allows you 24 hours access to our online virtual gym


We offer group classes including weight loss and Pilates. Book for a single session or monthly classes

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